Back Into the Swing of Things


I spent most of the morning swinging a chipping hammer. Banging away at the rust was quite satisfying.

Thanks to Paul for dropping off a few things for the two projects I’m working on:

assorted items

It makes me very happy to see things coming together.

Oosterdam was at Pier 10.

Lights along the port side of her bow:

Oosterdam bow

Lifeboat maintenance:

boat maintenance

At Pier 13, a mixture of textures and shapes on American Marine’s barge:

texture mix

Always Something…

The combination of textures and colors in this photo appeals to me:

line to spring line

I took it yesterday while I was down at the pier for a meeting.

Unfortunately, it also illustrates a bit of a problem. I’ve been keeping an eye on the three-strand line (holds the chain+line spring line away from the hull), but with the ship quite lively due to the large south swells this week, it looks like it will fail sooner than I thought. I put a spare line on, just in case. I didn’t have time to do more. Another project for the weekend…