Life AFOC*

I miss the ship. :(

Is there life for me at the harbor away from the iron world? We shall see.

In the meantime, here are some images from November 9.

Car carrier, Genuine Ace heading out:

Genuine Ace

Passing by tanker Polar Resolution:

Polar Resolution and Genuine Ace



Hull texture!

Genuine Ace hull

Alongside Genuine Ace waiting for the pilot:

alongside Genuine Ace

Maunalei backing toward the pier:


Sikuliaq shifting to a different pier:

Sikuliaq shifting



Looking at the Sand Island bridge as the sun goes down:

Sand Island bridge at sunset

Tanker Valrossa and Horizon cranes:

Valrossa and Horizon cranes

Polar Resolution moving out away from the pier:

Polar Resolution depart at sunset

Pi‘ilani at the stern:

Polar Resolution departure

Ladder set up on the starboard side. Uh…a bit short there!

Polar Resolution ladder set up

Not the best or most exciting photo, but here are some ruddy turnstones on one of the buoys marking the harbor channel:

ruddy turnstones on buoy

Mahalo to Captains Baker, Enos, and Collins. Special thanks as always to Paul.

*After Falls of Clyde

San Francisco (Tuesday, August 12) – Last Day

The last day of my vacation arrived all too soon. My flight home was early in the afternoon, so I had some time to kill.

Morning light on the Golden Gate Bridge:

morning light on Golden Gate bridge

A series of gull photos:

gulls on the beach

gull walking away

gull portrait

gull marine debris

More ship spotting…

CMA CGM Centaurus:

CMA CGM Centaurus

Pichincha, which arrived the same day I did, heading out to sea:


Interesting that the US Army Corps of Engineers has boats.

John AB Dillard, Jr:

John AB Dillard Jr

Hanjin Hamburg:

Hanjin Hamburg

Fishing boat Mya Nicole with hopeful seagulls:

Mya Nicole

What not to eat:

fish sign

Great blue heron:

great blue heron

Eppleton Hall:

Eppleton Hall

Ferry arch at Pier 43:

ferry arch pier 43

Tracks leading up to the arch:

tracks at pier 43

Jeremiah O’Brien:

Jeremiah O'Brien

Piles at Pier 41:

piles pier 41 2

piles pier 41 1

Sticker art:

stickers pier 41

Pilot boat Golden Gate:

pilot boat Golden Gate

I stopped by the Musée Méchanique. It’s a coin operated arcade full of a lot of antique machines. Fascinating, but also a bit creepy at times.

Here’s one machine with a maritime theme, which invites you to “Laugh with Jolly Jack”:

Jolly Jack

Jolly Jack detail

More sticker art:


Time ball at the SFMNHP Visitor Center:

time ball

I wish I could have wandered around a bit more, but it was time to say goodbye and head off to the airport.

Sunday Ship Spotting

Container being lifted off Manoa:

container off Manoa

Henry Sr. passing by:

Henry Sr

California Voyager at Pier 51:

California Voyager Pier 51

Shifting to Pier 30:

California Voyager


tanker crew

Hull texture:

tanker texture