FOC Textures: Fittings

cabin panel

Detail from paneling in the saloon.


3 comments on “FOC Textures: Fittings

  1. Brad says:

    Thats gorgeous.

  2. When I was last in Oahu (2006) the “Falls of Clyde” was such a wreck and I did not board with my wife. The Maritime Museum itself however was excellent. I expect to be in Honolulu in April 2010 and shall make a visit. I am reminded of the movie “Twilight of the Gods” and the viking funeral that ship was given. There is a time when one has to let go and maybe “Falls of Clyde” day has, sadly, come.
    Good Watch.

    • weeboopiper says:

      The ship is in poor condition, but we are committed to doing what we can to preserve and restore her. It will be a long, expensive process and we certainly have a tough road ahead of us. Speaking for myself, I think she certainly deserves another chance at life. She beat the odds once and I hope she can do it again. If it is time to make a tough decision about her future, then at least she will go fighting with dignity on her own terms rather than hastily towed out to sea, unloved and scuttled with no ceremony.

      The Hawaii Maritime Center was closed earlier this year.

      I am not sure whether the ship will be open to the public in April. If you wish to have a look at her, you can contact me through this blog or one of the other Friends of Falls of Clyde board members via the website at

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