The Turkey Won…

Just a few volunteers showed up to work on board Falls of Clyde today, so we didn’t get a whole lot done. We checked the ballast water levels and did some other minor tasks.

The past week was a stressful one for me, workwise, so I was happy to sit quietly in the sun on the fo’c’sle head and enjoy the gentle motion of the ship as she moved with the swells.

The poop deck is a good place to watch ships entering and leaving Honolulu Harbor. The brigantine Robert C. Seamans was heading out to sea, but had to wait for the Kokua, towing the Matson barge Mauna Loa, to pass.

mauna loa robert seamans

Two Hawaiian Tug & Barge tugs went by right before the Kokua (true to her name) helped turn the Mauna Loa around in the basin.

kokua mauna loa

All the while, the poor Star of Honolulu had to wait her turn to back away from Pier 8.

mauna loa star of hon


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