A bone of some sort that was spotted on the deck near the starboard ladder leading up to the fo’c’sle head. It seems too solid to be a bird bone.

Any guesses?



2 comments on “Curious…

  1. Andy says:

    Hard to guess from a single image, but perhaps a mammalian metatarsal (foot) bone from a largeish animal. Having documented it in situ (good form!), I’d suggest taking it to the UofH Dept. of Natural Sciences and get some of their Zoology folks to look at it. They likely have both (a) comparative anatomy collections for identification and (b) lots of overworked grad students to take this on as a small project. That it comes from FoC — and therefore may orginate from any place the ship visited in her career — will make it all the more interesting. I’d start with a guess that it’s a scrap from shipboard rations, and look first at possible swine, ovine or bovine origins.

    You can sometimes find odd stuff in old ships. In the case of Denbigh, in excavating the engine room we found a coconut and a conch shell (neither of which could be local in origin) stashed away in a sort of catch-all bin along with odds and ends of tools, and a long rose stem that got washed all the way down into the bilge space at the very bottom of the hull. No idea how any of those things got there, but they are fun to spin wild speculation off of.

  2. […] It was in a different location (port side) from the previous bone. […]

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