Post Tsunami Warning Post

(I’m only getting to this now because I’ve been a bit under the weather.)

A group of us went down to Pier 7 to add mooring lines to the Falls of Clyde. As expected, the civil defense sirens went off at 06:00 and ships were already getting underway to leave Honolulu Harbor.

After we did what we could for the Falls, I accompanied a fellow FoFOC board member to Ala Wai Boat Harbor to help her take her boat out to sea. Before going over to her boat, we went to look for something to eat. Due to the circumstances and the relatively early hour of the day, there weren’t many choices.

The scene outside the McDonald’s near the harbor:

tourists McD

We eventually managed to get some food (not McDonald’s). We returned to the harbor and hung out with some friends who were also taking a boat out, until we decided it was time to leave. We were one of many. It was quite amazing to look out at the horizon and see so many different types of vessels.

out to sea

The view towards shore:

towards shore

And of other vessels:


Pi‘ilani, usually seen hard at work in Honolulu Harbor

After we returned to Ala Wai Harbor, we went back to Pier 7 to check on the Falls. We were relieved to see that the old girl was fine.

We were in time to catch the parade of ships returning to Honolulu Harbor:

ships returning

Robert C. Seamans
Robert C. Seamans

It was a unique experience, but not one that I’d like to repeat!


One comment on “Post Tsunami Warning Post

  1. Buck says:

    Thanks for the updates. The photos are very interesting. Let’s hope this isn’t necessary again for a long, long time.

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