Last of Her Kind…Another One

Those who have followed the story of the Falls of Clyde know that she is special because she is the last of her kind…an iron-hulled, 4-masted sailing oil tanker. Yesterday, while out taking photos for a design project, I came across another special vessel at Kewalo Basin.

Although she looked quite sad and forlorn, I could see that she was nothing like the other fishing boats moored nearby. I was intrigued by her and snapped a few pictures.

She is the wooden-hulled sampan Kula Kai…the last of her kind in Hawai‘i.

Kula Kai at Kewalo

When I looked for information about her, I came across this article written by Bob Krauss, who was one of Falls of Clyde’s champions when he was alive:

Kula Kai Vessel Last of Its Rugged Kind

I wonder what the Fates have in store for Kula Kai?


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