Technology and Beauty

An interesting day at the Falls of Clyde yesterday. Some of the FoFOC board members met with D’Arcy Trask of Gauge Point Calibration. He was in town doing some work and approached us about possibly doing 3D laser scans of the Falls. He showed us samples of some of the projects he’s worked on. Cool stuff! He also did a quick scan of the Falls. Although the movement of the ship and the water affected the quality a little, I was impressed.

Having 3D scans of the ship is an exciting thought. Besides using them as aids when addressing matters related to the management and maintenance of the ship, they can also be used as educational tools.

Here is an example of how the technology can be used: CyArk

Across the way, at Pier 8, a crew was busy transforming Gordon Biersch into a set for, I believe, the new Hawaii Five-O TV series. The production company is holding a casting call for extras at Aloha Tower Marketplace this coming Saturday. It will be interesting to see how many people show up.

gordon biersch

Maybe they’d like to use an old historic ship as a set?

And finally, a nice rainbow to end the day.

FOC masts and rainbow


One comment on “Technology and Beauty

  1. Buck says:

    Let’s hope the Five-O people show the Falls of Clyde to a large audience. The Mystic Seaport has been doing laser scanning of the Charles W Morgan and that would be very cool for the Falls.

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