“…a splendid four-masted ship…”

“Here is a splendid four-masted ship, Falls of Clyde, whose registered tonnage is 1741 tons; but she will really carry over 3000 tons! She is a magnificent vessel, and a walk along her clean oak deck is like strolling along a solidly paved street. She is so clear of obstruction that a one hundred yards sprint race might easily take place along her well-holystoned deck. She is full-rigged—that is, she carries square sails on all four masts—and when under all sail must be a sight to make a sailor’s eyes sparkle with delight. At such a time she must be a veritable flying cloud. Yes, she carries 3000 odd tons. Put a ton of cargo into each of three thousand carts, give each horse and cart a space of six yards, then form them into a procession, and you will have a queue ten miles long! Then, as they drive alongside, the three great holds of the Falls of Clyde will swallow up the contents of each vehicle, and still have space for a little more.”

From “A Ramble Round a London Dock” by E.R. Suffling as published in Vol. III of Chambers’s Journal (December 1899 to November 1900)


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