Cool (Literally) Clean

dry ice

Keoni Ford and Brian Griffin from DIBS Hawaii stopped by the Falls of Clyde today to demonstrate how dry ice blasting works to clean surfaces. The benefits of their service were very clear once they started. The blasting pressure and size of the dry ice pellets can be adjusted according to the type of surface and result desired. Unlike a process like sandblasting, there is no grit to dispose of after the job is done, which cuts down on costs.

Dirt and mold on the interior of the hull:

dirt and mold

The area being cleaned by Brian. You can see the difference!

aft cabin demo

Wood and old varnish?

port step before

step demo

No problem. Almost ready for a few coats of le Tonkinois!

port step after

Got rusty areas and flaking paint on an iron hull? Not too happy about having to remove the rust and paint with grinders or needle guns?

rust hull demo

rust hull progress

Detail of area:

detail of surface

I’m sold!


One comment on “Cool (Literally) Clean

  1. Buck says:

    Holy cow, that’s a great idea!

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