Pleasant Saturday at the Harbor

A cloudy sky made for a pleasant day on the Falls. I continued to work on cleaning the teak on the foredeck. Beyond the bowsprit, Aloha Tower Drive seemed busier than usual, probably due to the striking electrical workers picketing at the HECO building across the street.

The obligatory ship photo of the day featuring the Alaya:


The temporary plywood deck on the Falls is finally finished. What a difference it makes.

Here’s what the deck looked like in January:

deck before

And the deck today:

deck now

Another random bit of wood, possibly from the Pier 9 construction site. I imagine it broke free during the rough weather we had the other night and floated over to Pier 7.

random wood

Finally, an unusual visitor to the ship:

Protaetia orientalis

It’s obviously a type of scarab beetle. A quick Google search seems to point to it being Protaetia orientalis.


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