Back to the Rail

After a long, stressful work week, the last thing on most peoples’ minds is more work. Maintenance work on the Falls can be tedious, hard, hot, and dirty. Call me mad, but I look forward to it. While I am on the ship, I can forget about emails, phone calls, and tight deadlines. It is another world.

Last weekend, I went back to working on the poop deck rail. It is quite satisfying to see how much better things look with a bit of care.

From the poop deck, I had a good view of the Red Dolphin at Pier 8:

ex KanDoo

Look familiar? Yes, she was originally the (no) KanDoo! Island.

Note: The quality of recent photos is not the best because I am using my cell phone camera. The trusty Nikon is in sickbay waiting to see the surgeon.

I wanted to go down to the ship over the past few days to apply more coats of le Tonkinois to the rail. Work and the poor weather squashed those plans.

It is now Thursday night. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the weekend and more time on the Falls.


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