Birds and a Cow’s Tail*

Despite an abundance of nice trees in the area, a variety of birds like perching on the Falls. The ship is especially popular with the zebra doves (Geopelia striata) that hang around the fish food dispenser on the sidewalk.

This male house sparrow (Passer domesticus), seemed to be content singing while balanced on the end of some wire rope.


Perhaps he was commenting on the work going on at the rail just below him. A mejiro or Japanese white eye (Zosterops japonicus) was gathering nest material.

Assessing the situation:

mejiro 1

On top of things:

mejiro 2


mejiro 3

Finally, I have to post a pic of one of the fairy terns (Gygis alba) in the breadfruit tree by the ship. They do not land on the ship but can often be seen flying above her. I think they are our version of the Tower of London ravens. They certainly know who the “bad” guys are!**

fairy tern

*Where is the boatswain when you need him/her?
**Inside joke.


One comment on “Birds and a Cow’s Tail*

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