Carrying On

I finished the last bit of varnishing on the poop deck rail last weekend. After concentrating on it for the last few months, it felt a bit strange not having any scraping or sanding to do.

I’m now working on applying the elastomeric coating on the poop deck. Hopefully, it will stop rainwater leaking into the cabins below.

Also busy on the ship was this female Sonoran carpenter bee (Xylocopa sonorina):

Sonoran carpenter bee

She was probably looking for an ideal spot to make a nest hole. 😦

I finally got around to sewing the large grommet on to my canvas bag.

canvas bag

Now, all I need to do is add the handle.


2 comments on “Carrying On

  1. Buck says:

    Wow, that looks great! How will you do the handle, small grommets and beckets? This would make a great series of posts!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks, Buck! It’s my first attempt at a bag, actually. I’m going to make the small grommets and sew them on in the traditional way. I had two made up, but they got squashed in my modern tool bag and came apart. Oh well…good practice to make more. I don’t have the skills needed to make beckets at this point, so I see the handle as being just a length of manila with a thimble added.

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