Like a Broken Record…

I have nothing new or earth-shattering to report. Still working on applying the elastomeric coating on the poop deck.

I was getting a bit annoyed by the mooring line that was flaked out on the port side of the deck.

line before

I decided to do something about it this morning. Not the neatest coil, but it’s out of the way now. Yay me!

line moved

My previous post featured the bow of MOL Satisfaction. Here’s the rest of the ship.

MOL Satisfaction


4 comments on “Like a Broken Record…

  1. Buck says:

    Every post has something of interest to those of us who can only admire from afar… Thanks!

  2. Coil looks good, and lines are always going to be in the way. Get used to it, haha.

  3. weeboopiper says:

    Lines are nothing when you have yards and sections of topmasts in your way…but not much I can do about them!

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