Age of Sail Related Packaging – Korean Style

Every so often I stop by the local Korean supermarket to buy food. I always wander down the snack food aisle to see what interesting things they have in stock.

In the past, I was rather amused to find hard tack…or the modern Korean version of it.

modern hard tack

Here’s another example. It even has a sailor on it!

more korean hard tack

This evening, as I looked at the various types of cookies and crackers on the shelves, the packaging for something called Binch, caught my eye. I think you can see why.

Binch box

I was curious as to what Binch means. I found a couple of blogs that state that it’s derived from “Biscuits and Chocolate.” Makes sense.

The biscuits come individually wrapped in shiny packets.


The first one I opened had this image on it.


It’s different from the picture on the box. It would be interesting if there are assorted ship images. I guess I’ll soon find out.

It tasted a little bit like an unsalted Ritz cracker with chocolate on it. Not bad.

ETA: I opened another packet. This one had a treble clef and harp design.
ETA1: Ah, that’s more like it! Four-masted barque.

windjammer biscuit


2 comments on “Age of Sail Related Packaging – Korean Style

  1. Brad says:

    The Binch looks cool! I need to look for that here, plenty of Korean places here.

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