Various Bits from the Harbor

I had help yesterday, so the elastomeric coat on the poop deck is basically done. There are areas that need touching up, but I think it looks a lot better. Hopefully, the coating will do its job and keep the rain out.


Here’s the Star of Honolulu squeezing back in to her berth at Pier 8. Sometimes it looks like she is getting a bit too close for comfort. To be fair, she is angled to avoid a smaller vessel moored just makai of her spot.

Star returning

A bit of a change from container ships and tankers…here’s the Hsun Hu No. 7 approaching Pier 9.* She is a Republic of China coast guard ship out of Kaohsiung. I’ve been there and have fond memories of the city. A lifetime ago it seems…

Hsun Hu No 7

*The WordPress template has cropped off part of the image at the right of the photo. The original is framed better!

An interesting feature of the ship is this electronic sign:

electronic sign

One of her rat guards, shiny but plain:

Hsun Hu No 7 rat guard

To continue with the coast guard theme, here’s the USCGC Rush arriving:


(Tempted to Photoshop in a line leading from the small coast guard boat to the ship!)

Finally, more bird photos. In a previous post, I mentioned the cheeky sparrows landing on FOC’s mooring line as we were putting on the chafing gear. It seems that another thing they like doing is clinging to the wall overlooking the harbor. Maybe they like copying the a‘ama crabs that are the masters of scaling the wall?

sparrow on wall

Peeking out from a hole (pipe opening?) in the wall:

sparrow in wall


2 comments on “Various Bits from the Harbor

  1. Brad says:

    You had help! Good to hear.

  2. weeboopiper says:


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