Al Stewart

You’re probably wondering why Al Stewart is a topic on a nautical blog. If you’re of a certain age, you probably are familiar with his hit “Year of the Cat” and maybe “On the Border” or “Time Passages.”

What you may not be aware of is that he has written a bunch of maritime-themed songs.

Two of my favorites are: “The Dark and the Rolling Sea” and “Old Admirals”

“Old Admirals” is a wonderfully compact overview of the life of a Victorian era Royal Navy officer.

I love these two lines in particular:

“Oh the wooden ships they turned to iron and the iron ships to steel,
And shed their sails like autumn leaves with the turning of the wheel.”

Other songs:

Hanno the Navigator
Life in Dark Water
Lord Grenville
Midnight Rocks
Peter on the White Sea


One comment on “Al Stewart

  1. Buck says:

    Not many top-100 musicians did maritime songs. Gordon Lightfoot, obviously, and Billy Joel (Downeaster ‘Alexa’) come to mind, but not many others.

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