Long Day

Yesterday was a long, but satisfying day at the ship.

The elastomeric coating on the poop deck is done (thanks Tom). Huzza! Unfortunately, some water is still leaking into the cabins below as indicated by the handy bucket meter. 😦 I have some thoughts as to where the water is coming from and maybe a solution or two. We’ll see.

I mucked up the brown trim, so will start re-doing that next week along with the elastomeric work on the port side of the fo’c’sle.

The other task of the day was putting chafing gear on the other new mooring line. (Thank goodness for the marlinspike!) This one turned out a lot better looking than the first one! I’ve been studying other ships’/boats’ chafing gear. A lot of what I’ve seen has been a bit ratty looking. Made me feel a whole lot better about the state of FOC’s.

chafing gear

Placement of the line a bit awkward you say? That’s because the bollard is in an awkward place away from the edge of the pier.

I’m not too keen on modern cruise ships. They look a bit too boxy for my taste. However, here’s a photo of the Dawn Princess arriving in the harbor.

Dawn Princess

Kind of fun to see all the people standing along the rails. Maybe I should have waved at them?


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