Lazy and Distracted

A tough work week (a lot of stress, very little sleep) definitely took its toll on me. I wanted to get a lot accomplished today, but I just didn’t have the energy. 😦

The morning started off with a visit from Paul in the pilot boat. We had a brief chat about a project he is working on for us on FOC and then he was on his way.

It rained last night and this morning, so I checked a bucket in one of the cabins. There was water, but less than I had expected to see! That made me happy. 😀

I touched up some areas in the elastomeric coating on the poop deck. I was going to work on applying some of the coating to part of the port side of the fo’c’sle, but got distracted by the build up of bird droppings on the deck above.

bird droppings

I usually try to clean the droppings every week. However, I’ve been neglecting the area, and it shows. Armed with scraper, broom, scrub brush, and a bucket of water, I set to work. Although it was hot and dirty work, it was actually a nice change from getting covered with grey elastomeric stuff.

Starting the cycle again:

bird on rail

There was quite a bit of traffic in the harbor today, with a variety of vessels leaving, arriving, and shifting locations. I had printed out the shipping schedule (yeah, what a geek), so I was keeping an eye out for interesting ships.

The tanker Chang Hang Xing Yun:

Chang Hang Xing Yun

Pilot boat (hi Paul!) speeding by Chang Hang Xing Yun. If you look carefully at the upper left corner, you can see some of the tanker’s crew.

pilot boat by tanker

Tira Lani and a USCG Response Boat:

Tira Lani and USCG

Green Cove:

Green Cove


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