Fish, Photography, and History

Dealing with an upset stomach, which is keeping me awake. 😦 Since I’m up, might as well write a bit!


I arrived at the harbor a little late, but stopped to have a look at the fish near the ship as usual. One of the HECO security guards was making his rounds in the area and I had a nice chat with him about the fish, photography, and a bit of history.

I’ve written about the fish in a previous post.

One of my favorites is the spotted boxfish or moa (Ostracion meleagris). Here is a female:

box fish

It was back to the poop deck on the Falls.

I noticed that the Tonkinois on the rail was getting worn, so I did some light sanding and applied a new coat. I also applied more of the elastomeric coating on the deck.

After I was done with work for the day, I took some time to take some photos in the fo’c’sle…mainly of my newly completed canvas bag. 😀

Napier windlass detail (again):

Napier windlass detail

The shipping schedule for the weekend wasn’t posted on the DOT Harbors site, so I had no idea if there were any interesting ships arriving. I wasn’t in a hurry to get home, so I decided to sit and relax in the shade at Pier 9 for a little while.

Namahoe went by, stern first. The captain added a 360° turn (weee!) before continuing on to retrieve the fuel barge that was alongside Pride of America.


I was amused by this male sparrow that landed at my feet. He practically demanded I take his picture:



Stomach’s feeling better now. I’m off to the harbor again in a few hours to watch Pallada arrive!


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