Pallada – Honolulu Harbor

Here is a sampling of some of the photos I took this morning.

Entering the harbor:


Pallada approaching Pier 9:

Pallada approaching Pier 9

Pi‘ilani pushing Pallada closer to the pier:

Pallada stern Piilani

Heaving line with a very nice monkey’s fist:

heaving line

Mat to prevent chafing:

mat chafing gear

Rat guard!

Pallada rat guard

On the bowsprit:

Pallada bowsprit


up aloft

Returning to the deck:

returning to the deck

The cadets are able to smoke at the stern of the ship. Here is the pot for the ashes/butts:

big ash pot

More examples of chafing gear:

chafing gear

eye chafing gear


Since I was down at the pier, I applied one more coat of le Tonkinois on FOC’s rail for good measure.


One comment on “Pallada – Honolulu Harbor

  1. Buck says:

    What glorious photos!

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