Aloha Pallada

This afternoon, I stopped off at POP at Pier 38 to pick up some tarred seine twine before heading over to Falls of Clyde to watch Pallada leave (for Japan, I believe).

Cadets going aloft on the mainmast:

going aloft

Before Pallada pulled away from the pier, the cadets manned the yards, cheering and waving. I don’t know if they noticed me standing on the poop deck of the Falls, but I waved at them on behalf of the ship.

yards manned

It’s always quite stirring to watch a large sailing ship like Pallada get under way. It’s hard to describe the feeling…a strange mixture of sadness and excitement.

Pi‘ilani was the tug escorting Pallada out of the harbor. It made me smile to see Pi‘ilani do 360° spins as they parted company. A nice gesture!

Pallada and Piilani

I watched until the ship disappeared behind Sand Island.

Then, it was ship spotting time! I left the Falls for Pier 9 to wait for Tamoyo Maiden to arrive.

Viewed from certain angles, the cranes on the ship remind me of a line of dancers.

Tamoyo Maiden

Walk like an Egyptian…?


While waiting for the Pallada to leave, I did some small maintenance things on the Falls. I removed bird droppings from the rail and cut off the loose strands at the end of one of the mooring lines. I had put a rough whipping on it a while ago to keep it from unravelling further. I’ll probably re-do the whipping this weekend.


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