Learning a Lot

I wish I had a younger, sponge-like brain.

I spent most of the morning walking through the ship with a naval architect, who has volunteered to help us. As we went along, he passed along a lot of information. While it is probably basic stuff to seasoned mariners, it was a staggering amount for a newbie like me. I tried taking notes at first, but soon gave up.

The highlight of the day was getting a chance to look around the pump room. While I have been down there a couple of times in the past, it was always for specific purposes and rather brief. Watching the video that Chris and Micah filmed when they did the survey was enlightening, but nothing like studying the area in person and being able to ask questions about specific things.


If you were anywhere near the harbor today, you could not miss the sea-going launch platform Odyssey. She towered over everything!

Odyssey name and detail

I like this shot. The clouds make the vessel look a bit ominous…like some gigantic mechanical creature from another world.



On a much smaller scale, I sanded my piece of bamboo. I will probably try coating it with le Tonkinois.


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