So Much for Taking it Easy

I hadn’t planned on doing anything strenuous on the ship today, because I told myself I should take a mental and physical break. I wanted to apply another coat of le Tonkinois to my piece of bamboo and work on a few more whippings. Pretty easy.

I got the coat of le Tonkinois done first.

bamboo on deck

You can’t see the shine in the photo, but there are two coats on there.

I deviated from my plan after that.

Dirt has built up along the waterway/scupper areas, which is not a good thing. I was sweeping on the port side of the ship until, for some reason, I got it in my head to do some rust busting.

Chipping hammer and wire brush in hand, I went to work.* It was satisfying knocking the rust off the hull. (It’s a good way to release anger and frustration.) However, cleaning up after creating a mess of rust and paint chips is tedious. 😦

chipping rust

I tried out a rust conversion product sample that was given to us by a very kind local distributor of the product. I had read about it on the manufacturer’s website and thought it would be good for use on the ship by volunteers. It is easy to apply and washes up with soap and water.

The hull from a different angle showing the effects of the rust converter (treated area turns black).

rust converter

*ETA. It did occur to me that it was like a crude form of surgery…much like removing diseased/dead flesh off a patient.


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