Most of the day was devoted to covering the rust converter-treated areas with primer.

primer over treated area

I think it’s already starting to look a lot better.

I went over to Pier 9 after leaving the ship. The Japanese training vessels Kaiyu Maru and Fukushima Maru were there. They provided more examples to add to my rat guard and chafing gear photograph collection. 🙂

One of Fukushima Maru’s rat guards:

Fukushima Maru rat guard

Kaiyu Maru had plain ones without weights:

Kaiyu Maru rat guards

Chafing gear on Fukushima Maru’s mooring line:

Fukushima Maru chafing gear 1

Lines used to keep a mooring line from rubbing against the hull:

Fukushima Maru chafing gear

I was going to do a rope mat to serve a similar purpose on FOC, but I may be able to get away with something like the above. We have a lot of old, worn line that I can use. It’s certainly worth a try.

Finally, the chafing gear on Kaiyu Maru‘s lines:

Kaiyu Maru chafing gear


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