Kula Kai Update

Last year I posted this entry about the Kula Kai:

Last of Her Kind…Another One

Since I was in the area (Kewalo Basin) yesterday, I thought I’d pay her a visit.

Kula Kai at Kewalo

What I saw made me quite sad. I suppose people feel the same way when they look at the Falls.

As you can see, she needs quite a bit of work to preserve her.

Kula Kai stern

Kula Kai twds bow

wood detail

rotten part

I hope she gets the help she needs.

ETA: Just found this link: Kula Kai in Danger of Sinking

Seems she will be hauled out and turned over to a nonprofit organization.


One comment on “Kula Kai Update

  1. Rebecca Snow says:

    Kula Kai does look very sad. I remember seeing the crew on deck mending the nets and it was something out of an old novel. Such a great iconic boat..shame .

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