APEC Affects Honolulu Harbor

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Robert C. Seamans at Pier 9 when I arrived at Pier 7 this morning.

Here is the ship partially hidden behind the Red Dolphin, as seen from FOC:

Seamans masts Red Dolphin

Too bad about the Nadezhda, though. It would have been cool to have three sailing ships in the harbor!

The chafing gear seems to be okay, which is a relief. I started working on another one for mooring lines on the starboard side of the ship.

Security was tightened in the harbor due to APEC.

A Homeland Security vehicle at Pier 8:

homeland security vehicle

A US Coast Guard boat on patrol taken through one of FOC’s portholes:

USCG through porthole

In addition to starting on the chafing gear, I painted over the rust converter treated areas on the rail:

Rustoleum on rail

It looks kind of spotty. Maybe I should have just painted the whole thing?

The Satsumaseiun Maru was also at Pier 9. I posted a photo of one of her rat guards before. Here is one example of her chafing gear. It looks like they are using old nets:

Satsumaseiun Maru chafing gear

The USCG along with the harbor police:

USCG and harbor police

Work being done aloft on the Robert C. Seamans:

work aloft

And fruit:


A few limes would have been pretty!

And did I mention the USCG?

USCG boat


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