Learning New Things

I had the chance to look around in the pump room again. The previous visit had raised some questions.

I was curious about how lumber was loaded through the lower bow ports given their position and the location of the chain locker just aft of the collision bulkhead. It turns out there are corresponding ports in the bulkhead that are covered by removable plates. These are located just above the chain locker.

removable plates

The bulkhead ports (without plates) for the upper bow ports can be seen in this photo taken on the tween deck.

ports in bulkhead

Being able to explore and study the ship is the greatest reward for all the hard work.

Unfortunately, some things aren’t pretty and some are downright scary.

scary area in plate

Here are more rat guards and chafing gear.

From the Chishio Maru:

Chishio Maru chafing gear

Chishio Maru rat guard

And from the Shinkai Maru:

Shinkai Maru chafing gear

Shinkai Maru rat guard

I must say that the red and white pattern of the chafing gear gives the lines a unique look.


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