Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was the end of a long week and a nice (but windy) day. After finishing my work, I decided to head out to enjoy some fresh air and the sunshine at the harbor.

More rat guards on Thorco Attraction, Hakuho Maru, and Sapphire Princess:

Thorco Attraction rat guards

Hakuho Maru rat guard 1

Hakuho Maru rat guard 2

Sapphire Princess rat guard

Chafing gear on Hakuho Maru:

Hakuho Maru chafing gear

The sunny weather was short-lived. There was more rain and wind today.

I wasn’t inclined to do very much on the ship except some basic maintenance and emptying and placing buckets.

rainy day

water in fo'c'sle

Oh, one bright note. While I was standing in the chart house waiting for the rain to stop, I discovered two windows in situ. I could only raise one of them. The other one was stuck. Much better than the plastic sheeting!

chart house window

chart house

The weather improved a little, so I decided to walk around for a while before heading for home.

The Blue Peter on Hakuho Maru:

blue peter

And rat guards on Regatta:

Regatta rat guards


2 comments on “Yesterday and Today

  1. MMG says:

    Great pics; thanks for sharing.

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