Last Post of 2011

I tried to think of a more clever title for this post…er…

Anyway, one couldn’t ask for a better day for the last day of the year.

Here’s Aloha Tower looking lovely in the morning light:

Aloha Tower morning light

Ignore what the clock says. It’s not working at the moment.

Not the best photo, but I rather like it. My footprints in the dew on the deck:


Looking like an abstract painting, the reflection of the Aloha Tower Marketplace buildings in the water by Pier 8:

reflection in water

It may seem like all I did on the ship today was take pictures. I did do some work! Most of it was cleaning, as I felt the old girl needed a bit of sprucing up. I also did some rust busting. The black areas were treated with rust converter:

rust converter

rust converter corner

Some ship details.

Port bow port:

detail upper bow ports

A valve…or a metal flower?

valve with tank

View of the street just mauka (toward the mountains) of Aloha Tower:

big bash sign

As the banner says, there is going to be a big party at the Marketplace this evening. I will be on the ship, away from the crazy crowd, enjoying the fireworks.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

tugs in a row


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