Humpback Whales in the Harbor – Follow Up

I managed to get down to Honolulu Harbor in time to catch a glimpse of the two humpback whales before they left. I’ve seen whales out at sea, but never expected to see them in the harbor.

When I arrived at Pier 7, Thomas C was just turning in the basin. I took a photo for my ship archive. I didn’t realize I captured a whale as well (at right, just beyond the stern of the ship)!

Thomas C and whale

The Navatek I happened to be leaving at that time.

Navatek leaving

For some reason, the whales really liked the ship! They swam up to her and surfaced right at her bow, just off Pier 7.

Navatek and whale

whales just off Pier 7

The crowd at the corner of Piers 8/9:

whale watching

After having a look at the Star of Honolulu, the whales followed the Navatek I out of the harbor. Yay!

whale and Star

whale following Navatek

Navatek leaving with whale

The passengers on Navatek I certainly got their money’s worth today.

Mikioi and Tira Lani passing by Lurline:

Mikioi and Tira Lani

I saw a photo, taken earlier in the day, of the whales in the water between the Star of Honolulu and FOC. Wish I had been there at the time!


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