Back to Normal

No whales today.

The biggest thing I spotted in the harbor was my old friend, the needlefish.


This was taken from the poop deck of FOC. It’s not the best photo, but I like it because I think it has a ghostly quality to it.

Regular maintenance and chipping rust. Oh, and dodging angry carpenter bees. That’s always fun.

This is why I’m always scraping bird poo off the ship:


I don’t know why they like perching on the ship. There are lots of nice trees in the area that seem more comfortable.

Ocean Princess rat guards:

Ocean Princess rat guards

Large fender on Ne‘ena:

big fender

Another one of those cheeky sparrows, posing on a bollard:

sparrow on bollard

Just a normal day at the harbor…


2 comments on “Back to Normal

  1. Buck says:

    Love these photos… those needle fish are so cool!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks, Buck. I appreciate your comments.

      I like the needlefish. The juveniles are spindly, but the old timers are quite impressive.

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