Ship Day After All

Due to issues related to a leaky water pipe at my house, I didn’t know if I would be able to make it to the ship today. Fortunately, things worked out.

Desk on ship with my personal log book and pink dino guy among other things:


The task of the day was to touch up the varnish on the poop deck rail.

touched up rail

I may return to the ship tomorrow to apply another coat.

We replaced the loose, worn chafing gear that had been placed (temporary) on one of our newer lines:

new chafing gear

While looking at the new chafing gear from the pier, I noticed that we need chafing gear between the hull and the starboard spring lines. Always something…

starboard spring line

No interesting ships in the harbor today, so I went to see if I could find the cowries again. No luck. I did see various fishes, including a school of good-sized ‘ama‘ama or striped mullets (Mugil cephalus).

Hard to see because of the ripples:

mullet school

Detail in calmer water:



2 comments on “Ship Day After All

  1. Buck says:

    Love the desk photo!

    Work like the rail must be very satisfying – to be able to see and touch a renewed piece of the Falls; to know that you are the one responsible for bringing a bit of her back to life…

    I didn’t realise the ‘ama’ama came in to such shallow water. I learn something new here so often – it’s great!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks for your comments, Buck.

      It’s easy to get depressed or overwhelmed when looking at the ship as a whole. Projects like the rail are satisfying because they are manageable.

      I was amazed to see the mullets!

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