Sunset Departure

I went down to the harbor yesterday to watch Costa Deliziosa leave. I was early, so I took a leisurely walk.

I saw the cowries again. This time they were on the rock, providing a better view.

coweries again

I was still early when I arrived at Pier 5. As the time of the ship’s departure drew near, other people showed up. I am sure that Costa Concordia was on their minds as they looked at Costa Deliziosa.

Pilot arriving:

pilot Costa Deliziosa

I’m not a fan of huge cruise ships. They remind me of floating boxes. Looking at Costa Deliziosa’s stern, as she carefully made her way out of the harbor, did nothing to change my mind.

Costa Deliziosa leaving

As the sun set behind Sand Island, I wished “fair winds and a following sea” to ship, crew, and passengers.



One comment on “Sunset Departure

  1. Buck says:

    Beautiful harbour views!

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