Wrong Turns

While wrong turns can be frustrating (especially if one is trying to get to someplace in a timely manner), they can also lead to interesting sights that one would not have otherwise seen.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend and I decided to have a look at the build site of San Salvador. When completed, the ship will be a replica of one of the vessels that took part in an expedition led by 16th-century explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.

Heading down I-5 from La Jolla toward San Diego:

driving down I-5

We got to the airport area with no problem. After that, we got a bit lost. We turned off North Harbor Drive too soon and found ourselves on Harbor Island. Oops. We stopped in a parking lot to figure out where we were and saw the Reuben E. Lee.

Reuben E Lee 1

According to articles on the internet, she is a replica of a paddle-wheel riverboat and was built in the 1960s to house a restaurant. She is not a functional boat, as the superstructure was constructed on a barge and has no engine.

Stern, missing paddle-wheel:

Reuben E Lee 2

Sad and forlorn now, she must have been quite striking in her heyday.

Back on the road and another premature turn. (A to Z needed!) We decided to park and walk along the waterfront to see if we could spot the San Salvador. Rain started to fall. 😦

Brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis):


We were relieved to come across the site, which is run by the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

San Salvador work

San Salvador ribs

Unfortunately, things were winding down for the day since we got there so late and the poor weather didn’t encourage lingering.

The sun reappeared while we had an early dinner with a friend near the MMSD and marked the end of another pleasant day.

Southern CA sunset


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