Around the Bay – 18 February

Brush very kindly offered to take us on a tour around the Bay. We travelled in a counter-clockwise direction, starting off with the Bay Bridge.

Some of the sights along the way…

Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from Treasure Island:

Golden Gate Bridge Alcatraz

The city of San Francisco, also from Treasure Island:

San Francisco

American coot (Fulica americana), more common than the Hawaiian coot, but with the same red eyes:

American coot

The Matson facility in Oakland:

Matson facility Oakland

Building on the waterfront in Alameda where the Alaska Packers’ Association once moored its vessels:

Alaska Packer Place

Old postcard showing how the area once looked.

Rat guards on USS Iowa, currently in Richmond preparing for the move to Los Angeles:

USS Iowa rat guards

SS Red Oak Victory in Richmond:

Red Oak Victory

In the same general area, the steam schooner Wapama on her barge looking quite sad as the clock ticks:


Detail of hull:

Wapama detail

Near Wapama, another vessel that faces an uncertain future, the Lion.

Lion ex-Moctobi

Lion is actually an old friend of Falls of Clyde. She was the US Navy tug USS Moctobi. In 1963, she was tasked with towing FOC from Seattle to Hawai‘i.

FOC Under Tow by MOCTOBI

Photo courtesy of Friends of Falls of Clyde

Although it’s been painted over, you can still make out her old name at her stern:

Moctobi name

Low tide at Point San Pablo:

low tide

The sun was setting as we crossed the Richmond–San Rafael Bridge.

Through the Waldo Tunnel (complete with people honking their car horns for fun):

Waldo Tunnel

Traffic was rather heavy due to the closure of the Bay Bridge (inbound to San Francisco), so it was night by the time we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.


4 comments on “Around the Bay – 18 February

  1. Buck says:

    Lots of very cool history connexions in this post. I’ve driven through my share of tunnels, but none is as spectacular as the eastbound H3 tunnel popping out and overlooking Kaneohe.

  2. MMG says:

    Takes me back a few years to a tour round the bay we made in 1980. Great place, happy memories.

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