Ship Spotting – San Francisco

APL Germany:

APL Germany

Pacific Success passing under the Golden Gate Bridge:

Pacific Success

A neat thing was seeing ships that have called at Honolulu Harbor in the past.

One of these is Chevron’s Oregon Voyager:

Oregon Voyager J O'Brien

Note: That’s SS Jeremiah O’Brien in the dry dock to the right.

From June of last year:

mamo and oregon voyager

Matson’s Lihue next to the dry dock:


And, yes, I guess I’ve been spending too much time at Honolulu Harbor, because I could recognize this as a Matson ship:

Maui arriving at SF

It’s Maui approaching the Bay this past Monday.

According to the Honolulu Harbor shipping schedule, Maui should be arriving here tomorrow afternoon.


One comment on “Ship Spotting – San Francisco

  1. […] visiting San Francisco last month, it was nice to see Lihue moored by the drydocks at Pier 70 (see Ship Spotting – San Francisco). She looked a little forlorn without any cargo, […]

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