Union Iron Works

When Falls of Clyde was converted into a tanker in 1907, the work of constructing the 10 tanks in her hull was done at Union Iron Works at Potrero Point in San Francisco.

Signage at the SFMNHP visitor center:

Union Iron Works


detail of sign

Some of the old buildings still exist:

Union Iron Works bldgs

The white section in the middle of Building 113 is indicated by a red arrow in the historic image above.

Unfortunately, a lot of the buildings in the area seem to be in poor condition and closed off:

Union Iron Works bldg

I would have liked more time to look around, but it was getting late.

On another note, this raccoon was spotted taking advantage of a supply of food left out for feral cats:


A joke about it being Joe, FOC’s elusive ship’s raccoon, seemed to be in order. That is, until I looked carefully at the photo and noticed said raccoon appears to be a Joelle!

ETA: Pier 70 San Francisco – Historic Shipyard at Potrero Point


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