Pacific Island National Parks

Born in Wales in the mid 1700’s, Isaac Davis became one of the trusted advisors of Kamehameha the Great. While serving with an American company under the leadership of Captain Simon Metcalf, Davis served aboard the small ship Fair American. In 1790, having come from the Pacific Northwest, Davis’ ship was attacked while conducting trade along the Kona coast of Hawai’i Island.

A local chief, having been disrespected by Captain Simon Metcalf (who had visited several days earlier on the Eleanora), swore his vengeance on the next foreign ship that came into his waters. That next ship ended up being the Fair American (captained by Simon Metcalf’s 19 year-old son Thomas). Having predetermined to kill everyone on board the vessel, the chief and his men acted as if they were going to trade with the ship. It is said that Isaac Davis warned the young captain that the situation…

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