On the Ship

After a week of spending most of my time indoors due to the bad weather we’ve had, I felt I had to get out and come down to the ship today. The weather is still dodgy, but at least the sun has been making an appearance every now and then when there’s a break in the clouds.

View from the poop deck…a bit gloomy:

sky still gloomy

It is nice to be able to use the laptop on board the ship. Despite the modern technology, I do feel a connection with the past while sitting here in the first mate’s cabin. The gentle roll of the ship and her particular noises (she’s groaning a bit today) are things the old crew would have experienced.

view forward

It may be an odd thing to say, but it is quite comforting and satisfying to sit on the deck and do a simple splice.

beginning splice

The splice (mizzen):

the splice

Unfortunately, the line to the top of the main mast parted some time during the week. 😦 When I saw it on the deck, I wanted to kick myself, as that is something that I should have checked on earlier.

The tarp that I rigged the other week to replace the one that was in shreds is still holding up well, despite all the rain and wind.


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