One Down…

The draft mark pole project is almost done (a few adjustments are needed). A BIG mahalo to Paul and the Hawaii Pilots Association. They have certainly come through for our organization and their aloha for the ship is much appreciated.

I had gone down to the ship yesterday expecting to work on the poles. I got a call from Paul. To my surprise, he had already finished them and was waiting with them on the pilot boat at the stern of the ship. Good man!

We started at the stern. Fortunately, there wasn’t much of a swell in the harbor or things would have been more difficult.

Paul adjusting the pole so that the numbers correspond with those painted on the port side:

adjusting height

Aside from being fairly calm, the water was amazingly clear:

rudder area

The area to the left is part of what’s left of the rudder. Everything below that had been cut off by the previous owner when the ship was being prepared for scuttling.

The pole in place:

stern pole in place

On to the bow of the ship.

Paul attaching a clamp to the cutwater:

attaching clamp

Another photo showing how clear the water was. The big, dark blob is a coral head. Stuff grows when you don’t dry dock a ship for 20+ years. We have our own ecosystem on the hull.


View from the pilot boat looking at the port side of the ship:

Paul pilot boat

Some souvenirs removed from the hull:


No, it’s not a burnt macaroon. 😀

I also started work on another piece of chafing gear:

chafing gear prep

The whippings look a lot better than the tacky old duct tape (if I say so myself).

I ended the day making a list of all of the ship’s safety gear. It’s great having the computer on board. I was able to type in the details right there and then.

being productive

On to the pumps! Woo hoo!


2 comments on “One Down…

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Now that I see it done, it seems obvious. Before that, it seemed impossible. Great documentation of how to copy the draft lines!

    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks. Never would have thought of it myself. We’re lucky we have two naval architects who are advising us.

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