Doing and Redoing

The pumps that were part of the water ballast transfer system that was dismantled by the previous owner of the ship were moved to the tween deck. It was another small, but positive step toward getting the system rebuilt. Mahalo to the USN Sea Cadets from the Missouri who provided the muscle power.


We have yet to test them. I hope they work.

I did a test to see how well different sizes of numbers photograph for a future project:

number sizes

I also finished the chafing gear for one of the starboard spring lines:

chafing gear

I probably should have used larger line. Oh well. It’s doing what it’s supposed to.

Paul returned to adjust the draft mark pole at the bow and to put a new one at the stern. Conditions weren’t as good as last weekend and the boat he had borrowed (the pilot boat was busy) was rather unwieldy. So…mission aborted. 😦

The rescue boat from Star of Honolulu doing person overboard drill off FOC’s port side:

Star of Hon boat

Speaking of rescue, the folks from Star of Honolulu fished our “lost” draft mark pole out of the water. As I was leaving FOC to go home, I saw it lying on the side of Pier 8. When I went over and asked if I could have it back, the fellow I spoke to said it had been found floating in front of their ship. Oops.


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