Poles Again and Sailing Vessels

First off, mahalo again to Paul and the Hawaii Pilots Association. Paul was able to bring the pilot boat over to the ship to work on the draft mark poles.

If you have been following the pole saga, you know that we lost the stern pole. It was found by the Star of Honolulu folks.

The wayward pole back at Pier 7:

wayward pole

It is now a spare pole, since Paul made a new one when it disappeared.

The new pole in place:

draft mark pole mark II

Hopefully this one stays put.

We also adjusted the pole at the bow:

adjusted pole

Nice to see other sailing vessels in the harbor.

Robert C. Seamans arrived this morning:

Robert C. Seamans

Kaiwo Maru…well, her masts anyway:

Kaiwo Maru

Back on the ship, more experiments with numbers on the tween deck:

number test

Beam detail:



One comment on “Poles Again and Sailing Vessels

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Only now did it register: 21 foot draught, wow! Of course it makes sense in retrospect…

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