Progress! I’m Happy!

What can I say? Paul is awesome! He set up, rewired, and tested one of the high volume pumps today.

Working on the wiring:

pump wiring

Primed and ready for testing:

working pump

The green hoses are temporary. We usually use them with the submersibles we have on board.

Huzzah! Water flowing!

moving water

The holes were cut in the deck for the old pump system (taken apart by the previous owner).

I don’t want to jinx things…but maybe, just maybe, the new system will be up and running by mid-July? Fingers crossed. Feeling hopeful.

A peek into the aftpeak area:


The water isn’t supposed to be there. Neither is the shovel.

Egg on deck:


Maybe it goes with the nest from the other week?

Yes, time to clean the area. Haven’t done so in a few weeks and it shows.

A shot of our lovely, clear harbor water, looking down from the bow of the ship:

water from ship

And finally, the Coast Guard patrolling the area by the ship:

coast guard patrol

They didn’t have their gun mounted on the boat today.


2 comments on “Progress! I’m Happy!

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Huzzah for working pumps!

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