Tail End of a Cold

I caught a bad cold last week, which meant that for most of this past week I stayed at home feeling miserable.

I felt a lot better today, so I decided it would be okay to go down to the harbor.

On the way to the ship, I saw a large stocky hawkfish (Cirrhitus pinnulatus):

stocky hawkfish

Almost as good as going to an aquarium.

On board FOC, routine maintenance along with chipping more rust. With flesh-eating bacteria being in the news lately, I couldn’t help but compare the rusty iron and steel to bacteria-ravaged flesh and the chipping to a kind of crude surgery.

Since it was such a nice day and I was glad to be out in the fresh air, I walked over to Pier 9. The Japan Coast Guard training vessel Kojima was there:


Kojima’s rat guards and a dove:

Kojima rat guards and dove

Chafing gear:

Kojima chafing gear

Kojima chafing gear line

Across the way, a cute dry dock:

cute dry dock

The tanker Shin Co-Op Maru was at Pier 10.

Her rat guards:

Shin Co-Op Maru rat guards

Tugs Tiger 10 (leading) and Tiger 11 arriving to assist Shin Co-Op Maru:

Tiger 10 and 11

Tiger 11 at the stern:

Tiger 11 and Shin Co Op Maru

Shin Co-Op Maru crew members posing:

Shin Co-Op Maru crew

Leaving the harbor:

Tugs and Shin Co-Op Maru leaving


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