Harbor Activity

I went down to the harbor an hour earlier than usual in order to watch the arrival of the French navy ship La Tapageuse. More about that later.

While I was waiting at Pier 9, the following vessels (among others) went by:

Pride of America arriving:

Pride of America

USCG Coastal Patrol Boat Kittiwake:


Matson’s barge Waialeale with Sause Bros. tug Henry Sr.:


The Matson logo on the side of Waialeale needs fixing. The “M” and “n” are too heavy and the other letters seem a little bit off too:

Matson logo needs fix



Finally, La Tapageuse, from Tahiti on the way to France:

La Tapageuse

From what I read online, this voyage is the ship’s last commission.

Throwing a heaving line:

throwing heaving line

Line handling:

mooring lines

Taking photos from hatch:

peeking out from hatch

Trois Matelots:

trois matelots

US Navy representatives visit the ship:

US Navy greetings


4 comments on “Harbor Activity

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    14,000 km in two and a half months… quite the trip. It’s always sad to see a ship leave the service. Beautiful photos!

  2. bergougniou says:

    Hello I allowed myself to take some pictures of La Tapageuse to illustrate my blog (French navy seamen mail). I hope you forgive me.
    Très belle photo
    JM Bergougniou

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