Just Another Day…

The bane of my existence for the last week and a half:

PVC tee

Thanks to Paul, the draft mark pole is okay again.


I did some work on a rail on the port side of the ship. One of the other volunteers had removed the old varnish and smoothed it out with an orbital sander. I sanded some areas by hand, then cleaned it.

ladder rail

Applied a coat of le Tonkinois after it had a chance to dry:

rail with le Tonkinois

I’ll put another coat on it tomorrow.

Taking stock of the hoses that are on board the ship:

taking stock of hoses

View forward from the poop deck:

view forward

Doorway to the salon from aft. I like the warm, inviting feel:

to the salon

I was amazed to see that the beach ball that appeared the other week was still floating near the ship. It gets pushed around by the wind, but seems to make its way back into the corner of the pier off the starboard bow.

ball still by the ship


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