Sunday at the Harbor

Went to the harbor this morning to do a bit of ship spotting from the grassy area between Piers 5 and 6.

Here’s the Kiowa Princess with HT&B tugs:

Kiowa Princess and HT&B tugs

Nobody home:

nobody home

While walking by the Pier 6 area (near the Navatek), I noticed a lot of familiar looking nuts on the ground. Source of FOC bird gifts finally identified!

It’s sea grape (Coccoloba uvifera):

sea grape

My photo of the nuts on the ground didn’t turn out well, so here’s a much better one from the excellent HEAR site: Sea Grape Seedlings

Sparrow in the sea grape tree:

sparrow in sea grape tree

Sea grape tree with Kulamanu and Pier 7 (FOC is on the other side of the pier) in the background:

sea grape tree

Kaiyu Maru was shifting to Pier 9 from another location in the harbor.

Posing for the camera:

posing Kaiyu Maru

Adjusting a fender:

fender adjustment Kaiyu Maru

Heaving line looks like a microphone:

heaving line

Oops, wrong way:

wrong way

Much better (with weights):

right way with weights

I was close enough to hear some of what was being said by the officers, but didn’t understand a lot. I did hear reference to ラット ガード.

Kaiyu Maru rat guard

I went to pick up some stuff at Lowe’s and West Marine. I decided to go back to the harbor and drop it off at the ship instead of lugging it home with me.

On the ship, I found Paul testing the pipe lines using air provided by the old, scary compressor we found on the tween deck. I’m amazed that it actually works!

testing line

looks okay

Proud to report that he found only one slightly leaky connection. Yay us!

I considered working on the rope handles for the five gallon buckets we will be using as tool buckets, but was too tired by then. Will try to get them done before Thursday (eek).


2 comments on “Sunday at the Harbor

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Good detective work on the sea grapes. I never saw them dry. Kudos on the piping! The crab shell photo is incredible.

    • weeboopiper says:

      Re sea grapes…it was a lucky observation! The empty eye bits of the crab shell are kind of creepy.

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