In the Tanks

When I arrived at the ship on Monday the 23rd, the ship was visibly listing to starboard. This was not a surprise considering that we were pumping ballast water between the cargo tanks in order to access their lower levels and that the tank bulkheads have holes in them. No cause for alarm, but strange to walk on a slightly tilting deck.

ship listing

Over the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to climb down into just over half of the tanks. It’s one thing to look at photos and videos (Brush’s 2009 survey), but quite another to see things for myself…a sobering, but fascinating experience.

Here is the upper part of Tank 2 on the starboard side. Not so bad.

upper part of tank 2

A different world waits at the bottom of the ladder.

lower part of tank 2

Brush taking photos with Esmon and Tony from Leeward Marine assisting:

photographing tank

Chris with camera

Interesting detail…bottom of the main mast, which was incorporated into the centerline bulkhead.

main mast

And, yes, that’s water leaking through a hole in the bulkhead. The tank on the other side has a higher level of water in it.

A view looking up to the access hatch, giving some idea of the depth of the tank:

looking up


One comment on “In the Tanks

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Very interesting photos!

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