Fun on a Friday

Some images from yesterday.

Measuring ullage:

ullage measurement

Not just one, but two sections of pipe fell to the bottom of this tank.

oops suction fail

This leads to the hottest new shipboard craze…

tanking 1

tanking 2

Forget planking! We’ve gone beyond that to…tanking!

Suction line with check valve and strainer in situ in tank:

suction and strainer

Second section of pipe recovered and passed up to the weather deck through the tank hatch:

lost pipe recovered

Examining patching (and repatching) done in Tank 5 (starboard):

examining patching

Oops. It seems the patching has failed.

fiberglass does not work

Looking up again. The only way in and out of the tank:

the way out

Finally, a manufacturer’s mark spotted on a steel frame in the tank.:

Cliff mark

The steel was added when the ship was converted into a tank ship.


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